New products

  • Harlow duvet set
    Harlow duvet set

    Using a simple smocking stitch to create a 3 dimensional diamond design,...

    £ 49.16
  • Luxury Silk duvet set
    Luxury Silk duvet set

    Luxurious softness and lustrous beauty. An all-climate fabric, silk is...

    £ 249.17
  • Byron Bay duvet set
    Byron Bay duvet set

    Stylish and chic in its simplicity. A simple and yet striking modern...

    £ 49.16
  • Brompton duvet set
    Brompton duvet set

    The Brompton cotton Duvet Sets feature a smart, striking and...

    £ 39.16
  • Allerton duvet set
    Allerton duvet set

    The Allerton cotton Duvet Sets feature a smart, striking and...

    £ 49.99
  • Booklight LED
    Booklight LED

    The OttLite LED Book Light features 6 super bright LEDs to brighten your...

    £ 10.83
  • Clip Lamp LED 13W
    Clip Lamp LED 13W

    Great for tight workspaces, the extremely versatile 13w Flexible Clip-On...

    £ 41.66
  • Daylight Flex LED
    Daylight Flex LED

    The Natural Daylight LED Flex Lamp features Super Bright Natural...

    £ 41.66